1.      Where is the Church located?

We are located at 2299 W  2000 N in Saint George.  There is a map on the 'Contact' page above.

2.     When should I arrive?

Most people show up about 10 minutes before the scheduled service begins.

3.     What should I wear?

On Sunday morning you will notice a variety of clothing from "Sunday Best" to casual.  Most people feel comfortable wearing business casual, but every visitor is made to feel welcome regardless of their attire. 

4.     Is there child care available?

Yes!  Every service has a nursery available for children 3 and under.  In addition, we have a special "Junior Church" that meets during the morning worship service for kids up through the 3rd grade.

5.     Should I bring a Bible?  Which one?

We use the Bible for all of our teaching and so we encourage everyone to follow along.  If you don't have a Bible that's okay - there are Bibles available under the chair in front of you.  While we primarily use the New King James in our teaching and preaching you will find a variety of good translations being used by our congregation as they follow along.

6.     Will I be pointed out in any way?

When you come you can expect to be greeted at the door and handed a Connect Card and a Pen.  We can't promise that people will ignore you - most likely there will be lots of friendly greetings before the service begins! During the service you will not be asked to stand or be singled out publicly in any way.  All that we will ask is for you to fill out the Connect Card and return it to someone before you leave. The Pen is our Thank You to you for visiting.


7.     Will I be asked or expected to give money?

No!  We are honored to have you in the service and our greatest desire is see you draw closer to God through your time with us.

8.     What type of worship music do you use?

We use a variety of traditional music throughout the service.  There will be congregational singing from a hymn book, special instrumental numbers, choir music and or small group vocals during a typical service.  Our music style is best described as conservative and traditional.

9.     When does the service end?

The Sunday morning worship service will typically end at about 11:15 am.