Upcoming Events
3/3/2018 - 8:30 AM   Prime Timers' Breakfast
3/8/2018 - WCS - Scholastic Competition
3/9/2018 - WCS - Scholastic Competition
3/19/2018 - WCS - Achievement Tests
3/20/2018 - WCS - Achievement Tests
3/20/2018 - Spring Break Ministry Adventure
3/21/2018 - WCS - Achievement Tests

Westside Christian School is a ministry of Westside Baptist Church.

Started in 1996 to partner with the families of our church, WCS's primary goal is to give a Bible-based emphasis in every academic subject while instilling Christian principles in the lives of each student.

Beginning in August of 2017, Westside Christian School will have an open enrollment which invites families from our surrounding communities to enroll their students as well. 

For more specific information regarding WCS, please review our Handbook:
WCS Handbook 2017-18.pdf 

To enroll, please complete the following application and e-mail it to WCS@westsidebaptistchurch.org
Application for Admission.pdf